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Pure Colors The Finishing Touch For Your Cabinet Doors

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Pure Colors The Finishing Touch For Your Cabinet Doors

Just like makeup helps define the beauty of a woman, finishing enhances the beauty of your cabinet doors, while allowing their best qualities to shine through. The proper finishing should not only bring out the depth of your cabinet doors sleek woods, but also give its surfaces a luxurious, silky smooth feel.

Choosing the right type of finishes for your cabinet doors starts with selecting the right manufacturer. Homeowners and cabinet makers should look for a company that has established itself as an industry standard, such as Decore-ative Specialties. Decore has been in the custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts business since 1965 and is now offering its Pure Colors line of glazes, stains and finishing services. Decore-ative Specialties prides itself on providing only the best products to its cabinet maker customers, so you know that the quality of its Pure Colors collection will be unbeatable.

Cabinet Door High-Quality Finish

Within Pure Colors are five separate collections; with each being designed for a specific look and purpose. The Natural Collection is a clear, high-quality finish that is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. This collection is available in a number of different sheen options so a homeowner will not have to settle for a look that isn’t exactly what he or she was looking for in their new cabinet door project.

Homeowners should choose Pure Colors Original Collection if they are looking for a finish that will add attractive color to their cabinet doors and drawer fronts. In this collection, homeowners and cabinet makers will find a large selection of beautiful colors that will definitely enhance the appearance of any room of the house.

For those homeowners and cabinet makers who desire something a little more sophisticated and elegant, Pure Colors offers its Choice Collection. The stunning coatings and accents in this collection will give depth, warmth and an artistic appearance to your finished cabinet doors.

Pure Colors Elite Collection Finishes

Homeowners and cabinet makers who desire a slightly edgier look for their cabinet doors, one that hides the grain of the wood rather than enhances it, should choose one of the Elite Collection finishes. The coatings in this group are paint-based and will dress up your cabinet doors in one solid color. The Elite Collection finishes work especially well in modern homes.

Lastly, there is the Premium Collection. This is the perfect collection for a homeowner or cabinet maker who enjoys the look of a paint-based finish set off by stunning accents. This will give any room it is used in a sophisticated, modern look.

All of Decore-ative Specialties collections are manufactured to last and to even withstand common chemicals and other household items that could damage wood or cheaper finishes from other companies, such as coffee, water and even bleach.

In addition, cabinet makers do not have to feel limited by the finishing options available in these collections. If a customer does not see exactly what he needs, Decore-ative Specialties has the ability to work with him to create the perfect product he has been looking for.

If a cabinet makers is interested in a finish from one of the collections listed above, Decore-ative Specialties recommends that his cabinet maker should request a sample of a stain or glaze before ordering.

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