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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

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Our Specialty kitchen cabinet products are the extra details that delight the senses, give your cabinets the look of fine furniture and make your room truly unique. We are known for our expertise at making custom kitchen cabinet products, be it a unique door style, arched French lite, curved door, special routed design, etc., let your imagination run wild. These original custom products will add the extra touch that makes your room extraordinary.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Decore-ative Specialties

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There's just no mistaking the individualistic personality of a custom kitchen cabinet designed with a Southwest or Old West look in this custom kitchen cabinet. From its earth-tone colors and rustic textures, to handcrafted accents with a definite streak of bold adventure throughout this richly inviting custom kitchen cabinet style is all about the freedom to pursue a more exciting lifestyle without leaving home.

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Kitchen Cabinets from Decore-ative Specialties

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Our contemporary kitchen cabinet doors have a fresh, modern look, with straight lines and minimal detail. These sleek, understated kitchen cabinet designs look exquisite in any material, from exotic kitchen cabinet woods and patterned laminates to clean, solid color Deco-form (RTF) kitchen cabinets.

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Custom Cabinet Manufacture

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When Jack Lansford Sr. opened Decore-ative Specialties in 1965, it was the first custom cabinet company in Southern California to manufacture raised custom cabinet panel doors. Since then, Decore-ative Specialties’ reputation as a trendsetter in the custom cabinet components industry remains strong, with its commitment to lean and sustainable custom cabinet manufacturing. “The secret to our success is simple,” says Jack Lansford Jr. “We give customers a quality product, shipped on time and for a decent price.”

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Kitchen Cabinet Glazes and Specialty Finish Options

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Decore-ative Specialties offers kitchen cabinet glazes and specialty finish options (In addition to standard coatings), which are applied by hand. The pressurized finish area also includes a bank of spray booths for handling oversize or unusual-shaped kitchen cabinets, the goal was to make it as easy as possible for our kitchen cabinet customers, so they didn’t have to buy kitchen cabinets from us and then go to an outside finisher. The expansion into kitchen cabinet finishing also brought added business from unexpected sources; in fact many of our kitchen cabinet finishing customers that had already made investments in their own finishing process were coming to us for service.

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